Sunday, September 6, 2009

Every saga has a beginning...

It was great when it all began...

As many of you know, TMI is currently on a hiatus while Jan and I continue in our foolhardy attempts to grow up and become responsible adults. Thus far, Jan is a full horse's length ahead of me in the race to achieve financial adequacy, as he has recently scored himself a brand new JOERB. Congratulations are, of course, in order. I, on the other hand, still spend most of my time playing dress-up and make-believe with other like-minded individuals (most currently in Arcadia, which just wrapped up a weekend at RPI in Troy and has two performances left next Friday and Saturday September 11-12 at 8PM, ticketsonsalenow call 518-276-6503) and have the same job I've had for the past 6 years. BUT-- now I take a graduate course in Information Sciences, so there might still be some hope for me.

Yes, we (and by "we," I mostly mean Jan) have come a long way since the days of "Chocolate" and "Let the Right One In." In that time, we've brought people to the verge of laughter and the precipice of interest. We've laughed together and we've cried together, and occasionally we've laughed separately at those of us who have cried...but did you know TMI wasn't always the carefully polished and finely tuned instrument it is today? The truth may shock you.

For TMI wasn't always a well-oiled machine. In fact, there was a time when TMI wasn't even called TMI. In this never-before-aired pilot episode, bear witness to the conversation that started a revolution. No movie, no review, just me and Jan talking about our ideas for the show, and movies that we fully intended to see, but never actually followed through on. Marvel at our shaky claims of manliness. See Jan pull back the curtain roughly 29 minutes into the show and expose us as the frauds we are. Also discover why, in my opinion, the most badass action hero of all time was a certain Mr. Fieval Mousekawitz.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 0: [The Lost Episode] "Secret Origins"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nicholas Cage: Not A Large Black Man.

Things have been quiet on the TMI front lately. Me and Jan have both been adjusting to various developments in our lives, including Jan moving to Washington and trying to find a new job, and me being in four plays at once. And while we are uncertain as to when things will start up again, we are committed to at least releasing the podcasting gems we have already recorded.

Coming from several yestermonths ago, today we give you a review of the Nicholas Cage movie, Bangkok Dangerous. Which will reign supereme: Jan's seething hatred of the movie, or my soft-spoken indifference? It's the semi-battle of the century!

WARNING: Jan spoils the ending to this movie in the first five minutes, because that's how little he cares.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 11: [Bangkok Dangerous] "Podcasts Like White Elephants"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wasn't he a jobber for the WWE?

Since both me and Jan are currently going through some hectic times in our lives, the next couple of podcasts will feature some shows we recorded in the past and saved for just such an occasion of downtime.

Today, for our landmark 10th episode, we give you what Jan dubs "The Two Hour Evanescence Video," Repo: The Genetic Opera. We dedicate it as a belated birthday present to TMI superfan, Kayla, who recommended it to us. We love you, Kayla. So why do you hate us so?

It is also worthy of mention that I have gotten in the habit of saying certain things in these podcasts just to get a rise out of some of my friends. To those of you who are really listening, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I await your hate mail with gusto.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 10: [Repo: The Genetic Opera] "Parents Just Don't Understand."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Wants to Podcast...

David Lynch. OK, now you know what to expect from Blue Velvet. Smutty, disturbing brilliance.

In this golden oldie from the TMI vaults (notice the rambling, lack of focus, and nearly hour long running time) we take a good long, hard look at Blue Velvet. Too phallic for you? Better bail out now, because as mentioned before, this is a David Lynch movie.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 9: [Blue Velvet] "Somebody put a monocle on that boobie!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Star Trexhibitionism

For countless millenium, mankind has asked the question "are we alone?" For slightly less time, Stephen Henelkind has asked the question "Jan, are you wearing any pants?" On this auspicious day, TMI answers both questions with an emphatic and resounding "NO!" Join us as we boldly go where no podcast has dared go before in our review of Star Trek, which could only be dubbed "The Naked Podcast."

Come join us as we take a Space Taxi to the sky...

The power of science compels you.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 8: [Star Trek] "The Naked Podcast"

Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's been a long time, folks. But finally, FINALLY, Jan and I have returned to our adoring threes of fives of fans with one of the biggest movies of the summer to review. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" marks the realization of one of my boyhood dreams- a Wolverine movie. But does it measure up to expectations? Let's just say that this podcast is rated NSFW and leave it at that.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 7: [X-Men Origins: Wolverine] "It's a Sickness"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Sass Me, Boy!

In today's episode of "TMI (with Jan and I!)," we look at one of nature's most misunderstood miracles: the noble sasquatch. Or, as Jan would have you believe, the murderous antagonist of "Sasquatch Hunters," the diabolical Gigantopithagus! This is our first listener's request, and in terms of masochism and entertainment value, it's a resounding success! Who the fuck is Spencer?! There's only one place you can find out: this very special episode of TMI.

TMI (With Jan and I!)- Episode 6: [Sasquatch Hunters] "THIS...IS...SASQUATCHVILLE!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TMI Reviews PORKY'S!

In today's episode of TMI, Jan decides we need to class up the joint by reexaming a musty old classic: "Porky's." Unlike Surf Ninjas II, which brought the two of us closer together, this movie is one that threatened the very fabric of TMI.

So choose sides and place your bets for what turns out to be Jan and I's greatest feud EVAH (narrowly beating out our previous greatest feud EVAH, Christmas 2007; pictured below).

TMI (With Jan and I!) Episode 5 [Porky's]: "In a Texaco Terlit!!"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We got Pitted! Cinematic Brilliance.

This week's podcast has it all: excessive product placement; gnarley waves; animal sidekicks; and best of all, NINJAS!

Yes, we will be taking a good, long look at one of moviedom's greatest direct-to-video sequels- Surf Ninjas II: Shoalin Tsunami. Look closely, and you just might spot a few familiar faces, such as Nathan Fillion in his first ever starring role.

I would entice you to listen by bellowing the film's trademarked catchphrase, but that would be spoiling!

TMI (with Jan and I!): Episode 4- [Surf Ninjas II] "Crystal Pepsi was the OTHER Mystical Symbol"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ignorance is Often Bliss

Thanks to this Twilight craze the kids keep yapping about, we are now living in the Golden Age of the vampire. With such an oversaturation of waifish fluid-drinkers, what makes vampire movies like "Let the Right One In" stand out?

Well, it's actually pretty good for one thing.

For another...

Yeah, I'm sorry, but you'll have to find out the same way poor Jan found out. Poor, trusting Jan...

Rated NSFW due to adult situations, violence, 12-year-old romance, and Jan freaking the hell out and swearing for two minutes solid.

TMI (with Jan and I!): Episode 3- [Let the Right One In] "In Which Jan Discovers Beauty, and Steve Destroys it for Him Forever"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nerd is the Word.

Hey party people! Steve here with a brand spanking new podcast from TMI. In this installment, we review "Hulk vs. Wolverine," one-half of the "Hulk vs." DVD. It's like a modern retelling of "Frankenstein meets the Wolfman," using superheroes instead of MGM monsters. Witness me overanalyze fictional wish-fullfillment characters! Hear Jan doing questionable things with his mic!

And if there's any interest in hearing Round Two of this DVD, "Hulk vs. Thor," speak now or forever hold your peace. Otherwise we will be moving on to flicks like "Porky's," "Let the Right One In," and my favorite, Readers' Suggestions! That's right, whatever your little hearts desire, we will attempt to review. Already on deck for a later date is the soon to be immortal film, "Sasquatch Hunters," brought to our attention by TMI Superfan, Jess. So post any suggestions or comments you have right here and we will squee with delight.

Again, we're making trouble for you, cuz this shit be NSFW.

TMI (with Jan and I!): Episode 2- [Hulk vs. Wolverine] "Steve is a Nerdlinger."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Podcasting our Reels

Yodels, y'all. Steve Henel here. You should consider yourselves fortunate to be witness to history. For today marks the maiden voyage of the good ship TMI (with Jan and I!) A podcast for people too lazy to watch movies by people too bored to do anything better.

For we are The Media Idiots, unleashing reviews without honor or humanity.

So what makes this podcast different from the bevy of quality programs that already exist? Because...well...I...I made it. That's why, Mr. Pants!

So here it is, a cherry-new show for you to listen to at your leisure. And for our first selection, what goes better with cherry than "Chocolate?" From the makers of Ong-Bok: The Thai Warrior comes this heartwarming tale of autism and the triumph of the human spirit...OVER A SHITLOAD OF KATANAS AND MAFIOSOS! Does love truly conquer all? Just exactly who is that dude in the bandana? Is autism a superpower? How long will it take before Jan stabs me in the back? All this and more in our first 40 minute episode.

Just a little warning, the audio's a little rough...but hey, that's the way we like it! [the safe word is "flies"].

Makin' trouble for you, cause we're NSFW