Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Sass Me, Boy!

In today's episode of "TMI (with Jan and I!)," we look at one of nature's most misunderstood miracles: the noble sasquatch. Or, as Jan would have you believe, the murderous antagonist of "Sasquatch Hunters," the diabolical Gigantopithagus! This is our first listener's request, and in terms of masochism and entertainment value, it's a resounding success! Who the fuck is Spencer?! There's only one place you can find out: this very special episode of TMI.

TMI (With Jan and I!)- Episode 6: [Sasquatch Hunters] "THIS...IS...SASQUATCHVILLE!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TMI Reviews PORKY'S!

In today's episode of TMI, Jan decides we need to class up the joint by reexaming a musty old classic: "Porky's." Unlike Surf Ninjas II, which brought the two of us closer together, this movie is one that threatened the very fabric of TMI.

So choose sides and place your bets for what turns out to be Jan and I's greatest feud EVAH (narrowly beating out our previous greatest feud EVAH, Christmas 2007; pictured below).

TMI (With Jan and I!) Episode 5 [Porky's]: "In a Texaco Terlit!!"