Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nicholas Cage: Not A Large Black Man.

Things have been quiet on the TMI front lately. Me and Jan have both been adjusting to various developments in our lives, including Jan moving to Washington and trying to find a new job, and me being in four plays at once. And while we are uncertain as to when things will start up again, we are committed to at least releasing the podcasting gems we have already recorded.

Coming from several yestermonths ago, today we give you a review of the Nicholas Cage movie, Bangkok Dangerous. Which will reign supereme: Jan's seething hatred of the movie, or my soft-spoken indifference? It's the semi-battle of the century!

WARNING: Jan spoils the ending to this movie in the first five minutes, because that's how little he cares.

TMI (With Jan and I!)-Episode 11: [Bangkok Dangerous] "Podcasts Like White Elephants"

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