Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We got Pitted!..by Cinematic Brilliance.

This week's podcast has it all: excessive product placement; gnarley waves; animal sidekicks; and best of all, NINJAS!

Yes, we will be taking a good, long look at one of moviedom's greatest direct-to-video sequels- Surf Ninjas II: Shoalin Tsunami. Look closely, and you just might spot a few familiar faces, such as Nathan Fillion in his first ever starring role.

I would entice you to listen by bellowing the film's trademarked catchphrase, but that would be spoiling!

TMI (with Jan and I!): Episode 4- [Surf Ninjas II] "Crystal Pepsi was the OTHER Mystical Symbol"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ignorance is Often Bliss

Thanks to this Twilight craze the kids keep yapping about, we are now living in the Golden Age of the vampire. With such an oversaturation of waifish fluid-drinkers, what makes vampire movies like "Let the Right One In" stand out?

Well, it's actually pretty good for one thing.

For another...

Yeah, I'm sorry, but you'll have to find out the same way poor Jan found out. Poor, trusting Jan...

Rated NSFW due to adult situations, violence, 12-year-old romance, and Jan freaking the hell out and swearing for two minutes solid.

TMI (with Jan and I!): Episode 3- [Let the Right One In] "In Which Jan Discovers Beauty, and Steve Destroys it for Him Forever"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nerd is the Word.

Hey party people! Steve here with a brand spanking new podcast from TMI. In this installment, we review "Hulk vs. Wolverine," one-half of the "Hulk vs." DVD. It's like a modern retelling of "Frankenstein meets the Wolfman," using superheroes instead of MGM monsters. Witness me overanalyze fictional wish-fullfillment characters! Hear Jan doing questionable things with his mic!

And if there's any interest in hearing Round Two of this DVD, "Hulk vs. Thor," speak now or forever hold your peace. Otherwise we will be moving on to flicks like "Porky's," "Let the Right One In," and my favorite, Readers' Suggestions! That's right, whatever your little hearts desire, we will attempt to review. Already on deck for a later date is the soon to be immortal film, "Sasquatch Hunters," brought to our attention by TMI Superfan, Jess. So post any suggestions or comments you have right here and we will squee with delight.

Again, we're making trouble for you, cuz this shit be NSFW.

TMI (with Jan and I!): Episode 2- [Hulk vs. Wolverine] "Steve is a Nerdlinger."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Podcasting our Reels

Yodels, y'all. Steve Henel here. You should consider yourselves fortunate to be witness to history. For today marks the maiden voyage of the good ship TMI (with Jan and I!) A podcast for people too lazy to watch movies by people too bored to do anything better.

For we are The Media Idiots, unleashing reviews without honor or humanity.

So what makes this podcast different from the bevy of quality programs that already exist? Because...well...I...I made it. That's why, Mr. Pants!

So here it is, a cherry-new show for you to listen to at your leisure. And for our first selection, what goes better with cherry than "Chocolate?" From the makers of Ong-Bok: The Thai Warrior comes this heartwarming tale of autism and the triumph of the human spirit...OVER A SHITLOAD OF KATANAS AND MAFIOSOS! Does love truly conquer all? Just exactly who is that dude in the bandana? Is autism a superpower? How long will it take before Jan stabs me in the back? All this and more in our first 40 minute episode.

Just a little warning, the audio's a little rough...but hey, that's the way we like it! [the safe word is "flies"].

Makin' trouble for you, cause we're NSFW